Construction, Maintenance, and Renovation of Class A buildings

Ascent serves primarily building owners and managers in the class-A commercial building market assisting them with issues related to the construction, maintenance, and renovation of their building transportation systems providing services such as municipal inspections, elevator design and project management, maintenance specification development, contract negotiation, elevator traffic simulation, due diligence inspections, management consulting, and web-based service management.   Have developed customers in four major U.S. markets:  New York, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Ascent also provides professional consulting and inspection services for clients operating projects in the State of Kuwait and the rest of the member countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, otherwise known as the G.C.C. We specialize in high-rise elevator traffic planning, sourcing, design, construction, facilities/project management.  Operations commenced in March 2009. Ascent offers turnkey witnessing and paperwork filing for the annual no-load test and inspection. With our licensed elevator inspectors, full-time expediting staff, and our proprietary information systems designed specifically for this city and this test, Ascent provides professional, reliable and convenient service which offers several benefits.

Message from the founder
Project Profile
  • Aon Center, Chicago, Illinois, turnkey modernization and maintenance management services, 82 story class-A office building with 60 elevators and escalators including 40 double-deck elevators travelling between 4.0 to 8.0 meters per second (800 and 1,600 feet per minute). It is the largest installation of double-deck elevators in a single building in the world.
  • The World Financial Center, New York, New York provided a variety of consulting services such as design, traffic simulation, maintenance diagnostics and maintenance and project management for all four towers occupied by variety of firms and containing the headquarters of such firms as Merrill Lynch & Company, American Express, Dow Jones and Brookfield Properties.
  • John Hancock Building Boston, Massachusetts. Turnkey maintenance contract letting and management.
  • Boston Place, Boston, Massachusetts, the highest building in Boston and headquarters to Mellon Bank. Turnkey modernization design, installation and projects management.
  • Blue Cross Tower, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, headquarters to Blue Cross Blue Shield, preventive maintenance management and turnkey modernization. Turnkey maintenance contract letting and management a Turnkey modernization design, installation and project management.
  • The World Trade Center, New York, New York provided due diligence services to prospective buyer.